Your fifth day on SFI

Welcome to your fifth day on SFI.

At this page, you will find the video with the actions that as your Sponsor. Co-Sponsor or upline Team Leader, I consider is better for you to do today so you can have a great start.

I recommend you to the videos in order and one each day, so if you haven’t made the actions of the video “Your fourth day on SFI”, please go back and do them first. If you have any question, please make me know.

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English version:

Spanish version:

ATTENTION: If you are an SFI Affiliate, but not a member of my team, please be aware that while you can benefit from this videos, and I’m happy to help, the extra rewards I offer in them are NOT coming from SFI or other Sponsors, unless they told you so or they appear below,  and that your Sponsor may or may not want to grant the same rewards I offer to my team to you.

The Team Leaders of my team that will offer the same extra rewards as I do in this series of videos will appear listed here:

If you are not already a member of SFI and you would like to try it and join my team, you can do it for free by clicking on the banner below:

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