TripleClicks Power Bar For Smartphones / Tablets

Have you ever run out of battery on your smartphone or tablet and you have not had a plug nearby to charge it? Is it important for you to have your smartphone or tablet always on, so as not to lose calls or emails?

If you answered yes to these two previous questions, you will love the product I present you on this page.

With the Power Bar for smartphones or tables of Triple Clicks, this will never ever happen to you. It’s so small you can carry it in your pocket and so valuable and powerful that will save you in those moments of need when your favorite device’s battery is getting close to red, or even to turn off.

Instead of panic, you simply will be able to take your new Triple Clicks Power Bar from your pocket and connect it to your device and feel release knowing that you will not lose that important call or email. This small and powerful device will become your safety companion for your everyday use.


  • Strong, sleek, shiny metal case.
  • Its size is just 13/16″ x 3-3/4″, it takes up almost no room in your briefcase, purse, or glove compartment.
  • Its internal lithium-ion battery with 2200mAh capacity that allows you to charge your device anywhere, even without electricity!
  • Simply charge up the power bar with the included 20″ USB/micro-pin cord.
  • When you need to charge your phone or other devices, simply connect your own USB charging cable to the power bar to juice it up. Can provide hours of additional energy to your devices.
  • Light on top tells you when your device is charged.

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