Team Training

This section of my blog is dedicated to the members of my team of SFI.

SFI provides training and many tips on how to succeed for FREE, so just consider this series of videos as an additional way that I provide you as your Sponsor, Co-Sponsor or upline Team Lider.

If you have not seen still the videos located in the section Get Started with SFI, I recommend you to go first to watch those videos, in order if possible. However, you are absolutely free to watch the videos of this section of Team Training as consult in any order that you like.

All the information and guides I’m going to write, and record in videos, in this section, are based on the training I’ve learned with the training provided by SFI for FREE and also by those actions that are giving me good results. This means that any other SFI Affiliate can do them as well.

I will always do my best to keep this series of videos updated according to the latest news and changes on SFI, this means that from time to time you can see how some videos disappear from this section, as well as from my youtube channel.

I do hope that you enjoy this section, that the videos help you on your way to success with SFI and that you feel my most warm welcome for being in my SFI team.

If you are not already a member of SFI and you would like to try it and join my team, you can do it for free by clicking on the banner below:



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