Pair of Push Up Bar Stands

Would you like to do push-ups but usually you find them difficult? Don’t you have time to go to the gym and you like more to train at home?

If you answered yes to these two previous questions, you will love the product I present you on this page.

This pair of push-up bar stands I-Type handles is the perfect fitness equipment for your workouts at home. Thanks to their ergonomic design and comfortable sponges, with a non-slip hand grip, you will be able to shape your upper arms and your triceps, develop your back and your shoulder strength in the comfort of your home.

They are simple but effective and they also will keep your wrists safe from common injuries while doing push-ups, because while you are holding your new bar stands your wrists will be in a better position than when you just place your hands on the floor. Easy to use and to keep. Available in different colors.

100% brand new and high quality.

Material: PP and PVC
Color: blue, orange
Size: 13.5*20cm
Shape: I-shape

Package includes:
1 Pair Push Up Bars Stand Handle
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