MH2001 Wireless 5-in-1 Headphones w/Microphone Emitter & FM Radio

Do you enjoy listening to music or radio at home but not always can you have the speakers loud? Sometimes you use headphones at your house but you would like to be able to move to do more things at the same time?

If you answered yes to these two previous questions, you will love the product I present you on this page.

Enjoy wireless audio freedom with your new MH2001 5-in-1 Hi-Fi S-XBS Wireless Headphones. You will enjoy of their comfortable padding so you can wear them for hours on end to listen to audio from all sorts of devices, from your computer, your television, to your MP3, CD, and DVD players, the one you like the most.

All them in both wired and wireless configurations. And its built-in FM receiver lets you listen to your favorite radio stations and the included built-in microphone lets you chat online or even monitor audio in another room.


  • Comfortable padding
  • Compatible with many different kinds of devices.
  • Wired and wireless configurations available.
  • FM built-in to listen to your favorite radio stations.
  • Built-in microphone to chat online or monitor audio in another room.

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