Men’s Cycling Bicycle Jersey Clothing Skeleton

If you are a man who enjoys cycling, like me, you will know who true it is that wearing proper clothes while practicing, won’t you? Will you also agree with me that if the jersey you are wearing while mounting your bike has a cool design, the better?

If you answered yes to these two previous questions, you will love the product I present you on this page.

This WOSAWE men’s cycling Bicycle Jersey will give you that badass look you love at the same time that it will provide you the ease you seek while you are cycling so you can concentrate on the road or in the path.

Thanks to its unique mesh fabric under the armpit will keep you dry and cool while you ride. It also comes with three pockets at the back, easy to carry your small articles. Its reflective strip at the back ensures night riding safety. 

With your new WOSAWE Cycling Jersey, people will stare at you, amazed, when you pass but remember to keep your eyes on the road and come back safe!

Size: S,M,L XL XXL
Weight: 210g
Material: 100% POLYESTER
Gender: Unisex
Color: Black with White

Package includes:
1 x Short Sleeve

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