How to maximize your earnings with SFI: The Plan + Opti-Build

This time I’m going to speak to you about how to maximize your earnings with SFI. Once again, SFI is making easy for all of us to take advantage and build a profitable home-based business.

Besides of all the other ways we have to earn with SFI, like with the Commission Volume on our TripleClicks Store and by the TripleClicks Executive Pool, now we have also opened the possibility of becoming Team Leaders and help the members of our team to find their own Team Leaders.

How we will make this happen? Following The Plan and taking advantage of the Opti-Build program. The Plan will show us the way to advance our SFI rank and increase our incomes and the Opti-Build program will take a very important part on it, as it will make that our upline, yes our Sponsor and his/her Sponsor, will help us to build our team at the same time that we will make the same with our downline.

This way, no one is left behind. Everyone serious enough and that wants to work and grow their SFI business helps. To see the requirements in more detail and find out how The Plan and the Opti-Build will help you to maximize your earnings, be sure you watch the video below:

English Version:

Spanish Version:

If you are not already a member of SFI and you would like to try it and join my team, you can do it for free by clicking on the banner below:

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