Free Rewardicals

What exactly is Rewardicals?

Rewardicals are new and awesome digital tokens that you can redeem for FREE when you purchase products both online and offline.

With your purchase, on hundreds of online stores, and in the local stores of your area that are members of the Localvantia program, you will earn the Rewardicals Tokens. As you accumulate them, you will be able to redeem them for BitCoins, Pure Silver Bullion Bars, Donations to Charity, TripleClicks gift certificates and more to come!

If you don’t have still an account on, I invite you to join Rewardicals for FREE with an awesome gift of 25 Rewardical Tokens so you can start to accumulate them and exchange them for irresistible goodies!

Just click on the link below and enter the promo code, to join millions of other people all around the world that, like you will, already enjoy getting something extra with their online and offline purchases!

Promo code: 1073754

After you join Rewardicals and earn your first 25 Rewardicals, you will find your own promo code on your Rewardical homepage so you can invite your friends. For every 10 Rewardical Tokens they will earn you will earn 1.

Share it with all your friends and enjoy together the free gifts that you can now obtain thanks to



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