About me


My name is Daniel Collar, I am 35 years old and I am from Spain. I have been using internet for many years, mostly for a chat, make friends, play video games… And some years ago I’ve started to realize the huge market and opportunity that Internet represents.

Since then, more than 5 years now, I’ve been looking ways to earn money online. Sometimes I’ve had more luck than others, I have made good money in the internet and sometimes also lose being victim of Scams, while the amount of money I have lost with those Scams were small in comparison with what I’ve made because always I have had care of what I was doing and in case of doubt I have made searches for opinions of others to make my own choices with accurate information.

During this years, I’ve seen SFI advertise many, many times and I was always close to joining it. But I didn’t until some months ago, in October of 2016, when I decided to do it. And I cannot be happier with my choice. SFI has shown to be a great place and the best opportunity to earn on the internet.

It doesn’t promise you that you will get rich quick, it has great training absolutely for FREE, a friendly support 24/7 and a huge community that is very helpful. And that’s the reason that I’ve decided to make this blog, to share with others my experience on SFI, and help them also to earn with SFI as I am doing right now. For that, besides of the post and different promotions I write in my blog, I am dedicating myself to help the members of my SFI team with articles and video tutorials so that we all can benefit of all the earnings that SFI have to offer us.

If you want to contact me you can send me an email. I will reply you as soon as I can and always within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for visit my blog, you can consider it as yours. I do hope that you like it and that you find it useful for yourself.

Daniel Collar, SFI Silver Team Leader.

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