What do I offer to you if you join my SFI Team?

If you are interested in working from home and reaching your financial freedom, you need to have a realistic plan of action or you will not see any success in your journey.

In this post I will explain you, in the most simple terms possible, the plan I offer to you if you decide to work from home with me.

What makes us decide to work from home?

To get out of debt, to enjoy of more time with our families and loved ones, and to improve our standard of living are some of the most common reasons that people, like you and I, had in their minds when decide to work from home.

The beginnings are never easy, it is necessary to count with clear and good defined goals and determination to achieve them. Without them, you can say goodbye to your dreams and back to depend on a job as an employee. But with them, your dreams will be the motivation you need to be determined to succeed and reach your goals.

“If you don’t work for your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

What is the Plan I offer to you if you join my SFI team?

The most possible is that your dreams and mine are not the same. Everyone is different in their own way and that makes us unique. However, if we add our efforts to a common goal we will increase our chances for succeed.

When you join SFI you can start earning money from day one if you make sales and you will have thousands of commissionable products on your Triple Clicks store. Now it can happen that you like sales or you don’t. Whatever you like them or not, from the beginning I recommend you to focus on Team Building because is one of the most profitable ways to earn with SFI. With Team Building you will earn direct commissions and also you will create Residual Income.

Here is the Plan we will follow if you join my SFI team:

  • Your first step will be to learn how to earn. For that, you will have available free training material easy to follow, understand and apply. Besides of all the free training SFI provides you, you will find video tutorials made by myself on my blog.
  • Your second step will be to establish your daily routine. SFI is a good design and success proven program for work from home. A very important component of that will be that you enter on your SFI Affiliate Center every day and do the basic actions as you will learn on the first step. Once that you have learned it, you will do it easily, how I’ve been doing for the past 521 days!
  • If you are committed to your SFI business I’m committed to you. If you want to succeed and earn big with SFI, you will have to be willing to invest your time, effort and money. Affiliation to SFI is free and there are no fees nor purchases requirements ever, but a small investment will give you more chances to boost your results. You can always ask me for advice and we will analyze together what’s best for you, depending on your budget and goals.
  • I will personally help you to build your own team. I will teach you everything I know about advertising and how to get new signups for your team, but I will not stop there. I will be constantly adding new members to your team, matching your country and language always possible, both by reassigning to your team some of my team members as with signups I generate month after month from different sources like this blog, my youtube channel and my advertising campaigns if you participate in the SFI’s Opti-Build.
  • I will provide you constant, solid, and friendly support during all your time as a member of my SFI team. You will benefit from my experience because where you will be I already was. We will keep regular contact by email, SFI chat or Facebook, the one you like the most or all of them. This applies to all the members of my downline, that means that I will support you my best no matter if I’m your Sponsor or a member of your Upline Team Leaders, what also means that I will support your team members as well!
  • You will enjoy our team contests.  Besides of the multiple contests that SFI  offers daily, I run contests, that I design on my own, for the members of my downline that will help you to build your SFI as you have a fun competition with your fellow team members. See this as an additional benefit of being on my SFI team. I do this because is fun and because I feel that is very important to share and give. This also will apply to your downline and it’s a great way to raise activity!

As you could read by yourself, this is the Plan I offer you and that we will follow if you decide to start working from home with me. Sometimes working from home can be harsh and difficult but success is reachable if you effort and count with support, I know that by my own experience. Because of that I want to help you my best to be a successful SFI Affiliate and I can teach you how to earn from home with SFI but for that, you have to take action first. Did I tell you that joining is free?

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See you soon on SFI, let’s build something great together!

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