What is your best choice if you want to work from home?

In this post, I’m going to speak to you about what is your best choice if you want to work from home, but before I start, I believe that there are important questions we have to wonder firstly.

Why do you want to work from home? What expectations and dreams have motivated you to undertake the adventure of a home-based business? What kind of results you seek? Where do you see yourself in six months, a year or five years from now?

Years ago, when I decided to start exploring the possibilities for earning money online and working from home I made myself this questions. I wanted to work from home because I was struggling with temporary jobs, that in my country are very common, and I was feeling the need to seek an alternative that would help me to achieve my financial freedom so I would not depend only on a salary that is not very big either stable. I wanted to count with more stability in my life at the same time that I would be doing something that makes me feel alive and that I’d enjoy doing it.

So there I was around five or six years ago, with little or no money at all, but with an idea in my mind I wanted to make real. I will not tell you that it was easy because it wasn’t. To achieve financial freedom and become independent economically requires hard work but having a clear idea of what I wanted, helped me a lot to make my next steps. I took my choice, I stopped playing lotteries and I started to save that money so I could have money to invest. I started firstly with Pay to Click websites and different kind of Affiliate Marketing programs until I found SFI and decided to dedicate myself to this program only. I still have a lot of work to do and a lot to improve my home-based business, but at least right now I’m dedicating myself to my home-based business in full time.

Now that you know my story, even if it is a resume, please tell me yours. Maybe your story is similar to mine or maybe is a little different. You could be a mother or a father who seeks to earn a second income online so you can stay at home with your kids. Maybe you just think that you deserve a better life or get out of your debts and you see the potential that internet offers to all of us. If something that we all have in common is that all we love to share, don’t we? I’ll be waiting to read your story in the comments section below and how you answer those four questions I’ve made you in the start.

I have clear I want to work from home but how do I start?

Once that you understand why you want to do it and that you have set yourself goals for the short, mid and long terms, the next you need is a plan of action the same that you need to know the path to go from A to B.

Here is where many people fail because they don’t set a plan or do proper research to decrease their chances of failure and increase their chances of success. Actually, just a simple search on your favorite web searcher will show you thousands, or even millions, of different results and this will make the proper analysis and information we need before we make our choice how to start even harder. Isn’t true that to make a good decision we need all the possible information available to us?

By comparing deals and see what different options we have is the only way to increase our chances for success and to avoid our failure or to fall into scams. If you are also interested in this subject, I invite you to read my last week article that was covering this topic.

Once that you have found the option that you think suits you better, work on it and be patient. Work from home, have a home-based business or make money online, requires hard work, dedication, and sometimes small investments but the beauty of it is that success can be achieved if you are compromised with what you are doing and you give your best to chase your goals.

Just ask yourself this question, what do you prefer, struggle with temporary jobs, being up with debts or chase your financial freedom and achieve success in your online business?

What do I think is your best choice if you want to work from home?

Based on my own experience until now your best choice to start working from home is SFI. Here I give you 9 reasons why SFI is your best choice to work from home:

  • Because Strong Future International Marketing Group, also known as SFI, has been working online since 1998, that’s 20 years. This will give you the trust and the ease of knowing that they will not disappear, more if you decide to invest your hard earned cash with them.
  • Because every day thousands of people all around the world join SFI. In the last 24 hours only, at the moment I’m writing this post, almost five thousand people from 150 different countries enrolled with SFI.
  • Because joining SFI is very easy and of course it is free. There are no affiliate fees no purchases requirements ever. Whatever you decide, to invest or not, will be only up to you.
  • Because it doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or not. SFI provides their Affiliates with all the necessary training materials and tools to help them to achieve their goals and be successful.
  • Because while your success depends on you, and on your efforts, you are never alone. Every Affiliate on SFI counts with the help of a Sponsor and a Co-Sponsor as well as with support from other fellow Affiliates, and also of SFI’s President Gery Carson, on the SFI Forum.
  • Because month after month SFI pay their commissions to their Affiliates, as they have been doing for twenty years now, and they offer to their Affiliates different options to get paid like Paypal or MasterCard. So every Affiliate can choose the option that suits them better.
  • Because even if it is one of the oldest Affiliate Marketing programs on the internet, SFI business is always growing. SFI constantly improve their program by adding new features that open even more ways for their Affiliates to earn. Examples of this are the Rewardical and the Localvantia programs.
  • Because if you invest your time and work on it you will see positive results. It is also true that at the beginning you should be more focus on building your SFI business than claiming quick commissions but SFI can provide you with the stability that you seek.
  • Because SFI offers to its Affiliates many different sources of potential income to suit the different skills of every one of us. From the opportunity of earning commissions by selling products online to succeed with SFI as you build your team. 

If you are looking for fast money, or for a “Get-rich-quick” scheme, SFI may not be for you. And to be honest with you, this kind of offers online always are a high risk and sometimes scams. At the end is up to you to decide, do you prefer high risks, being scammed, or to grow a second income with a trusted company like SFI?

I knew SFI years before I join it. When I was starting and focusing on Pay to Click websites, and other affiliate programs, I was watching advertises about SFI almost on my daily basis and when I’ve finally decided to join, it was a compulsive choice more than lead by the emotion or reason.

Looking back now I feel that I would love to have found someone that would have explained to me the reasons why I should join SFI, what they offer to me and how I could earn with them. That’s the reason I made this post because if this post can help you to have clear in your mind what can you do, how can you earn and why start working from home with SFI, I will be more than happy, indeed.

And if at the end you join my team and decide to work on my side so we can both achieve our goals and dreams. All I ask is that you have the same dedication and determination to reach your goals that I have to reach mines and in return, I will provide you with my best support and I will be at you side to help you always with whatever you need.

Now it is your turn to make your move, what will be? Will you keep searching or will you start building your success and join my SFI team?

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