Seven tips to avoid scams when you are looking for a home-based business online

If I would be asked to choose the most significant event that has happened in these almost two decades of the XXI century, I would choose, without doubt, the exponential growth of the internet, because it has changed our lives in many ways that we would never imagine or experience before and because its growth makes nothing but expand, evolve and break constantly the limits of imagination.

It was never that easy to find information of any kind, as simple as type the terms of our desire search on our favorite online searcher, as google, bing, yahoo or, and hit enter. Just with that, we can know instantly about almost any subject we are interested in, from historical facts, biographies, geographic facts, to almost anything we can feel curious about.

But if the internet would be only a storage of information, it would be cold and boring, and it happens that is exactly the opposite, a place full of entertainment and joy. Just on youtube more than a hundred hours of videos are upload every minute and is not the only platform where we can find videos. In social network pages, like Facebook, thousands of posts are created every second and almost two million likes every minute. Besides that, the social network connects people from all over the world, that before without internet and social media, would never be in touch. Even there are some online video games that count their population by millions of regular users, and surprisingly there are some that count with bigger economies than some countries in the world.

I think this is because while some years ago, we needed a computer to access the internet, now everyone with a smartphone or a tablet can connect also. It was never that easy and accessible to so many people, and who knows how we will connect in the years to come.

Sadly, the Internet is not all wonders.

I think that this is something that, to a greater or lesser extent, all we know. The internet has its awful face too. Danger activities of any kind, even many of them illegal, and consider crimes in many countries, are also easy to find to those who seek them.

And not only that, as it happens many times that those activities, and the criminals behind them, seek and find their victims as well. From bullying cases to worst things, that come to our minds, and that put at risk to the most vulnerable members of our families and society, to scams that only seek to steal our hard-earned cash by selling us the “miracle product” that will change our lives and will make us millionaires without any effort from our part. And most of the times, when we realize what has happened, is too late.

If you are like me a person that is interested in finding opportunities to grow a second income or earn some extra cash online, you may know that scams are very common, and maybe you have fallen in some like it had happened to me. I think there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about, as long as we learn and do our best to not fall again in those scams.

Then, how to avoid scam sites and at the same time find good business opportunities?

We can decrease a lot our chances of being scammed if we analyze in detail the pages or programs that we are considering to join and start working with.

We know that there are risks out there, but if we can measure them, we can minimize and control them. Here are some guidelines that I’ve developed after my over 5 years of experience seeking online opportunities  and that have served me well until now:

  • Run away from “Get rich quick” schemes or sites. This kind of offers is very abundant on the internet. Most of the times, they will offer you a “limited offer” with “discounted” prize to join them. They can even have hidden and additional costs but not real products behind. This programs use to offer to turn you into a new millionaire in no time while the truth is that the only one(s) that will really become a millionaire is the person(s) at the top of it.
  • Do not allow sites to tell you “what to do with your hard-earned cash”. Even if you are a business minded person and you are looking to start your home-based business online, or to work from home, it should be your own choice when and where you invest your money to. There are a lot of sites on the internet that demand from you to invest your own money to start earning; others will allow you to try their system and training for some days, sometimes even a week or two like a trial, and after that grace period, they will require you to pay a fee if you want to continue working with them. The same applies to those sites that “force” you to pay any kind of fee to keep your account; because in the case that your business doesn’t go well, and we know that this happens sometimes, and you run out of cash, you would lose your account and all the effort you have invested on building that business would be for nothing. This kind of sites make you spend more money that you would really want to invest and can lead you to feel frustrated if you don’t see quick results.
  • Don’t pay for something that should be free, especially if it is training. I have seen this many times, “The ultimate secrets of the super guru revealed” or “The system that the rich don’t want you to know” or “We only share our secrets with those who are willing to take action (by giving their money, of course)” mentioning some examples that I’ve just invented with irony based on others I saw. The issue with this offers is that usually, they make nothing more but sell you wind and come from people that are unknown and sometimes even fake. When you join a program to build a home-based business or work from home, you should get the training you need for free because if you earn with them, they will earn with you, so it is on their best interest to provide you all the tools you need without additional costs. The only exception to this would be if you buy a book, physical or digital, of a known author, who has proven to be successful, like Robert T. Kiyosaki or Napoleon Hill.
  • Suspect of sites that don’t have a forum open to non-members to read. This may seem very obvious, but there are many pages online business-oriented, that keep their forums private to avoid non-members to analyze them before joining. In my opinion, when a site is opaque, is because they hide something. You should be always able to analyze and read what their members say in real time. Even if you are not able to participate and write posts until you register, you will still be able to make yourself an idea of what the site is about and the level of satisfaction that their members have.
  • Be sure that if you decide to invest, they will not run away with your money. Just because this is something that makes us end up feeling awful, and nobody likes it. By doing a simple online search by typing “whois + website name” should help you to clear your doubts. The newer the site is the higher your suspicious at it should be and the older the site is the higher your trust. Simply because the programs that really work remain stable year after year with more people joining them and with more customers purchasing their products.
  • Know who you are joining with and make sure they have support 24/7.  In many home-based business programs, happens that you see an online advertising, or that you read an article. You decide to join their program and the person under who you joined, or disappear, or even never appear nor give you any kind of support. They just wait to earn their commission, in case you pay it, but they won’t care about your success. If that has ever happened to you, you know how bad make you feel. We can admit that as persons as we are, we can’t be 24/7 available on our computers, but a program to work from home on the internet should count with enough people, of many different countries of the world, to give you support at the moment you need, or at least, as quick as humanly possible.
  • Make sure that you are always in control and that you feel comfortable with what you are doing. Because no one likes to have “their arm twisted” for making upgrades, or achieve certain goals, or level of activities. It should be always up to you how much effort you want to apply to any project you start. With effort, I mean any kind of action that requires something from you, it can be time, self-education, work or even money. You can make mistakes, as all we do, because failure is part of success, it is how we learn. Just make sure that you are responsible for your own mistakes so you can obtain a positive lesson from them that brings you closer to your success the next time. Following this advice will also give you the trust you need to defend the project you believe on if your family or friends start to questioning about it, if they see that you are not getting quick results.

To develop this seven points took me years of trial and error. In my years of experience with the home-based business, I had my share of failure and success. In the end, we know what’s sweet because we know the bitter. And if I’ve learned something valuable is that to build an online business takes work, constancy, patience, a lot of reading and learning, and sometimes, even some money, but if you are compromised with your own success nothing can stop you.

Thanks that I’ve followed this seven guidelines, I could avoid some self-claim “lifetime opportunities” that would give me nothing more than a headache and would take a good amount of money from my pocket on the process. And also, thanks to that, I’ve ended up discovering and joining SFI, back in October of 2016. SFI had passed them all and become the only home-based business I work with since then.

I invite you to analyze it by yourself if you want. I have information about SFI on older posts on my blog and also in the section “Get Started with SFI” up in the menu, videos both in English and Spanish. If after you have reviewed it and you have analyzed it and you find that SFI offers to you what you seek, feel free to join my team or contact me if you have any question.

I would love to know your opinion also. What do you think about this seven tips? Do you have anything to add or ask? Are you, like me, a proud SFI Affiliate that is building something great? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it will be useful to you. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Have a great day,

Daniel Collar, a proud SFI Affiliate since October 2016.


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