Rewardicals and more news coming (3/3)

This last week have been full of excitement improvements on SFI. Early this week, the company of Mr. Gery Carson, decided to give another twist in the direction that they’ve set to expand their possibilities of business, both online as offline.

One of these decisions caused a little of initial confusion among their Affiliates at first, as it could be read on their opinions on the SFI forum, that is open to both SFI Affiliates as well as to not SFI members, I’m talking of their announcement about PriceBenders and EagerZebra going Rewardical.

Why this small initial confusion was caused?

Because what the announcement was saying is that every time that someone, SFI Affiliate or TripleClicks member, bided on an auction of PriceBenders or played a game of EagerZebra, instead of receiving MRP, Member Reward Points, and VP, VersaPoints in the case of the Affiliates,  they will be receiving Rewardicals Tokens.

So, with the improvement, every time that a TripleClicks member bid on PriceBenders or play an EagerZebra game, expending one TCredit, they will obtain 10 Rewardicals Tokens for every TCredit expended. In case of SFI Affiliates, besides of the Rewardicals Tokens, we receive a minimum of 2 VP for the EagerZebra games, one by turning the action tab from red to green and another for every TCredit expend, and 1 VP for tuning green the PriceBenders tab.

In the SFI forum, there were some SFI Affiliates that didn’t understand the changes well, because some of them, myself included, were using the MRP as “change” to purchase more TCredits and earn VersaPoints by doing so. This situation opened a healthy debate on the SFI forum and exchange of ideas and thoughts about how this change affected us. Mr. Gery Carson, as well as other Affiliates, quickly cleared up that this change is for the good of SFI as a company and to their Affiliates.

What do I think about this?

In my opinion, it is natural to have some certain apprehension to changes, more when we’re accustomed to something in particular. However, before let ourselves fall into panic we always should analyze with care what those changes represent, the opportunities that we lose and the opportunities that we earn.

Besides of all the reasons that Mr. Gery Carson gave in several different posts, where the SFI’s President, cleared up and explained the benefits we obtain, I would like to point how I see it.

Now with this improvement, SFI Affiliates can expend fewer TCredits on their daily activities and get more benefits with them. As an example, an Affiliate that would expend 2 TCredits a day, one of each of the previously mentioned tabs, would obtain 3 VP and 20 Rewardical Tokens. With just one Rewardical Tonken more, this same Affiliate will be able to exchange them for 7 VP, that will complete, with the rest of the free 10 VP obtained with action tabs, the 20 VP that is necessary to earn 2 extra entries for the Daily Grand Contest.

In my case, the situation changed like this. Before this change, I was expending 8 TCredits a day, to complete end the day with 20 VP or more. Now just by expending the half, 4 TCredits, one on EagerZebra games and 3 more in PriceBenders penny auctions, I earn my 20 VP for the Daily Grand Contest and accumulate more Rewardical Tokens on my account.

I do this way because another of the great things of this change is that now, SFI Affiliates like myself, not only can obtain VP, but also a variety of irresistible goodies like TCredits, Personal Sponsor Affiliates, Co-Sponsored Affiliates, Personal Referred Members, BitCoins and more.

And thanks to the new feature called “Auto-Build” we can also set what of them we want to redeem automatically as soon as we have the required Rewardicals Tokens on our account, what is even better!

Can I earn with Rewardicals even if I am not SFI Affiliate?

That’s the reason because Rewardicals are so great, they are intended for all us to enjoy. Maybe you are not the kind of person that wants to work from home, business-minded, but who doesn’t like to get something extra with their purchases?

I do think that all we love that! And we love even more when we can do without extra charges, when we can access with our smartphones, and when we can share it with our friends and family. Easy and fun at the same time.

If you want to try the Rewardicals and see for yourself all the different shops you can actually purchase in to earn Rewardical Tokens to earn your rewards, you can visit the page, up on the menu of my blog, “FreeRewardicals”, or just click here, to find more information as well as to join with free 25 Rewardical Tokens by using my promo code.

Wait… I have an online store, what’s for me?

If you own your own online store, you will enjoy a lot the benefits of the program. Just picture this, when you are a Rewardical’s online store ECA, E-Commerce Affiliate, and award your costumers with Rewardical Tokens for their purchases, you are making them feel great because they are getting extra rewards and they will be more incentivized to make more purchases to earn more Rewards.

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to boost the sales of your own online store and the best of all is that you can start as a Rewardical ECA within minutes and join for free as over two hundred online stores just did in the very few days since Rewardical started their ECA program!

Your online store will be exposed daily to the millions of SFI Affiliates all around the world, that will be willing to make their purchases on your shop to earn their Rewardical Tokens, and to those more customers that will join, this is going viral! This makes the Rewardical’s online store ECAs to have one of the biggest niche markets that are available in our days and this is just the start. To get more information and to join and apply as a Rewardical ECA, you can just click here on in the banner I left you under this text.

You will have all the support that you need to get started and remember, to join is free

Are you ready to do something Rewardical?


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