Rewardicals and more news coming (2/3)

Strong Future International Marketing Group, also known as SFI, knows good how to adapt its programs and strategies to increase their chances of success. This, probably, is one of the reasons which SFI has been a successful online business for almost 20 years.

I have been searching for different ways to earn money online for years and I’ve tried many different programs until now. Leaving aside those websites that are/were just a scam, and which sooner or later will be caught but for sure won’t last two decades, I’ve never seen until now an online business focused company that knows so well how to adapt themselves to the changes that current times demand. That’s why right now I dedicate my efforts only to SFI.

While I’ve seen how some good and veteran programs, that could be used to create income in the internet and that were trustful and legit, sadly almost have fallen apart into oblivion because they have failed to adapt themselves, and even some times, have to close.

But Mr. Gery Carson, and his SFI’s Staff, really know better how to adapt the company to those changes and this make their Affiliates, including myself, feel proud of being one. This is also one of the many reasons that make SFI Affiliates come back for more, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. I know some Affiliates that have been on SFI for more than 15 years and more and more people join SFI every day. Only yesterday more than 3000 people from all around the world became SFI Affiliates.

That’s a huge number of people that have joined in just 24 hours! But is because SFI knows how to adapt to what current times demand and also because they know that their success goes to the hand of the success of their Affiliates.

With that spirit, and with special care of their new Affiliates, SFI have announced on their news blog this improvement of the New Member Pack,  available to every SFI Affiliate on their 10 first days, that provides to them powerful tools to boost their first steps as Affiliates.

Only available on your 10 first days as a SFI Affiliate. Don’t miss it!


This Pack comes, as before the change, with 500 Versa Points, 50 mighty TCredits and 30 entries for the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing contest but now includes also 750 Rewardicals Tokens, that make it even better, because they can be exchanged for a variety of goodies at the choice of the new Affiliate that purchase it.

This is a real deal for any beginner Affiliate that would like to boost his, or hers, start and achieve higher rank to qualify for higher commissions for an accessible price, as it comes with a huge discount of 71% of its regular price.

Despite the fact that SFI is absolutely free to join and doesn’t have any kind of fees, many Affiliates chose to purchase those available products in their TripleClicks stores that help them to grow their business. I’m sure that many new Affiliates will be very excited with this pack as I would be if I could still purchase it.

And even much more excited will be, not only the new ones, but all SFI Affiliates when they’ll find out about the latest news that SFI has published on their news blog. On their release they had announced that in addition to CSAs, Co-Sponsored Affiliates, we can now exchange our Rewardicals Tokens for PSAs, Personal Sponsored Affiliates, and PRMs, Personal Referred Member. These will be freshly generated new Affiliates and members from current, ongoing advertising and assigned to us on a first-come first-served basis.

And the best of all is that this are not all the great news and improvements that SFI has implemented lately this year, and I have the feeling that more will come soon, so be sure you don’t miss the next post of this short series of 3 that I will come next week to know more about the exciting improvements and news about SFI and what I think about them.

As always, thank you for reading this post, have a great day!


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