New video available in Team Training section

Hello again.

It has been some time since I uploaded the last video of the series of Team Training for SFI. During this time, I’ve been working with SFI daily and I’ve been improving my knowledge, so I can give a better support both to the members of my team but also to every SFI Affiliate that might benefit and learn by watching my videos.

I’m going to continue uploading one or two videos every week and I have many ready to show you and keep working in a good quality and update guidance for my team members and every SFI Affiliate that would like to follow them. I want to offer the most updated tutorials and trainings I can, following the current changes and improvements on SFI, to the videos that I upload to my youtube channel and my blog, always with the best quality possible. Moreover, you will be able to see soon some of the videos, that I already have available, that will be updated and improved.

One of the improvements that I’ve implemented in this new video, and that I am going to keep using,  is a new intro with music. For the future videos, that I will be upload, I will keep this video style.

For this time, I made a video about the T-Time contest of TripleClicks and how to use it to win up to 2 TCredits a day for free. Both english and spanish versions are uploaded and both are available by clicking to the Team Training section of my blog or just by clicking here.

I do hope you like and enjoy this new video of my serie of Team Training video.

Thank you for reading this post, have a great day!

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