Rewardicals and more news coming (1/3)

The past October 31, SFI announced in their news blog the REWARDICAL™, a new and powerful program for businesses and SFI Affiliates alike.

Those businesses that will participate, will be able to reward their costumers with valuable Tokens, called Rewardical Token or RT. This tokens are accumulative and can be redeemed at for goodies like VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Pure Silver bullion bars, Bitcoins, donations to charity… are some examples.




Rewardical Tokens are the base of the Localvantia program of SFI. It was made thinking on helping local merchants to have a powerful fidelity program to boost their sales. By giving their costumers RT with every purchase they make, the local merchants that enjoy of Localvantia will have their customers happier and willing to come back soon to purchase more products and earn more Rewardicals.




And this is why Localvantia and Rewardical are so great because costumers will be happy also as they will get more with their purchases and will be able to redeem their Rewardicals Tokens for awesome goodies on .

It is also awesome because Localvantia and Rewardicals are worldwide, that means that every local shop can apply to join the Localvantia program and start giving their costumes a reward for their purchases and loyalty them.

If you own a store and you would like to join Localvantia to boost the sales of your business, I can help you to pre-register in the Localvantia program as long as your Store will be located on Madrid, that is the city I live on. You can contact me by clicking on the Contact menu of my blog or click here to go directly. Then just make me know that you want to pre-register on Localvantia and add a nice picture of your storefront and I will help you to have it done.

In case that you don’t have a Store of your own, but besides you would like to earn the Rewardicals program to access to all its benefits, you can visit EasyRewardicals247 and use the promo code 1073754 to join Rewardicals with 25 Rewardicals Tokens for Free.

Over 10 million Rewardicals have been awarded to date and there are much more to come!

In the next post, that will appear in a few days, I will be telling you of more exciting news about SFI, the Rewardical and Localvantia program, as well as the new training videos I am preparing for the members of my SFI team.

Thanks for reading this post. We’ll be in touch, have a great day!


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