Real People, Real Opportunity. More than just a Slogan

Today I was preparing another post that is going to be a Video Post and that I will release in a few days. However, before release it, I have decided to write this post, because I think it deserves.

The day started as any other day, I’ve enter in my SFI Affiliate Center and made all my daily actions, I was checking the SFI Forum and studying the lessons of the Internet Income Course. When I got a surprise that I was not really expecting.

One of the things I enjoy the most about Strong Future International Marketing Group, usually known by their acronym SFI, is their warm and helpful community. You can really feel that one of the most famous slogans of SFI “Real People, Real Opportunity” is not only a simple slogan, is the reflection of a reality.

When you join SFI, you are assigned to a personal Sponsor, and a personal Co-Sponsor, that are at your side to help you and guide you on your first steps and along your SFI journey. They bring you their support and advice, what is always appreciate when you just started, and counting with the advice and support of a person that have walk the path before you is a great advantage.

Even those who don’t have this luck, as sometimes might happen for a lot of different reasons I’m not going to enter in this post, count with great support, not only by other members of their upline, or also by Mr Gery Carson, the President of SFI, but also by the great community of SFI that operates in the forum, answering questions, giving their testimonials and sharing motivational stories that really make you feel you are surrounded by a huge number of people who have your same goals, passions and objectives. This also makes you feel that “Real People, Real Opportunity” is a concept close to everyone that joins SFI.

Real examples of what I am talking about: 

In my personal case, during this now 4 months with SFI, I have had the luck to counting with an Awesome Sponsor, named Ken H., whose blog you can visit here: His patience and support have been, and is, one of the keys of my past, present and future success. And besides his advices and quickly answers, every time I had a doubt and asked him, he had been there to help me and encourage me the best he could.

And not only that, when you are working closely with someone, a relationship of friendship and common goals forge a strong connection that help both to grow their online SFI business, this makes you realize why SFI chose their slogan of “Real People, Real Opportunity”. From this blog, , and with this article, I want to take the chance also to thanks Ken for all his wonderful support during this time.

Another good example we can find it on the other way. As I felt supported with Ken’s Sponsorship, I always have try my best to make feel the same to the members of my SFI team. Along the way until now, I came to know great people, like Ashik C., V. Vanitha and many others, that have shown a great dedication to their SFI business and keep constantly counting with my support, the best I can,as they deserve.

A special mention comes here to Yusuf D., whose blog you can visit here: He joined my SFI team recently and since the very beginning he shown himself to be a very open-minded person and a hard worker. As his Sponsor I gave, and give, the best support to him I can, we talk often and share ideas, and like happens with Ken, a strong connection and friendship grows between both.

He is the responsable of the surprise I mentioned at the beginning of this article, as this morning, in Spanish time, he was announcing me that he advanced to the rank of Bronze Team Leader, what makes me Silver Team Leader, even before I got the emails from SFI announcing it to me. He achieve it during his first month of being on SFI, in fact after less than 15 days since he have joined SFI and my team, what allow us to realize of the promising future that he’s building!

It is a great joy when you are in online, and/or any other kind of, business, to see that your associates and co-workers achieve success, so I’ve became very happy for him. Yusuf will be, and already is, in fact, a great leader and example to his team. For him, as he knows personally, goes my most joyful congratulations and wishes of big success, for what he and I will keep working together as also will do with Ken.

Team membership and team works are an essential aspect in any kind of business in general, and is particularly profitable with SFI, what can be possible the online business with more experience in the internet, now in its 19th year online, so they know well why they say “Real People, Real Opportunity” because it is all about this.

I do hope that you have enjoyed reading this post, as I enjoyed myself writing it. If you want to join my SFI Team, you can click on the banner at the right, down where it says “Join My SFI Team” and you will count with my personal help and support. Remember that join is free and there are no purchases obligation ever, what not all the online business can tell you.

Also if you like, you can follow my blog by clicking on the blue button at the right menu, leave a comment and share with your social media.Your support will encourage me to keep writing post and adding content.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading this article, wish you a great day!




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