SFI have made it again!

One of the things I love the most being a SFI Affiliate is that they are always looking the best ways to improve their programs and to make easier to their members to build large incomes and a successful organization.

And this is exactly what they have made. Many of my fellow SFI Affiliates, as well as myself, got amazed with all the news that they released in this first days of March.

First, there were announce the “Auto-Deliveries”. It is an option that we can use, when we buy something in our shop, to enjoy of discounted price of any item of our choice and recive our favorite products automatically every month. Always with the option of edit or cancel the “Auto-Delivery” at any time we want, so also we are on control.

A couple of days after that, the staff of SFI announced a new product that is becoming so popular between the SFI Affiliates: The Bundle Builder!

Builder Bundle (100 TCredits + PSAs, CSAs, and more!)— $59.00 (Save 13%!)

Your SFI business works best when there is duplication from generation to generation in your organization. And that’s exactly what our Affiliate Builder Bundle is specifically designed to help you do!

When you have duplication on your team, you earn commissions from your team members, as well as they learn to do the same and create also duplication for themselves. This, make that the SFI Affiliates, can help each other to obtain those goals.

And SFI knows this very well, that’s why they also announced lately, exactly yesterday March 6th, the new rules for their Designated Diamond program and their new program called Opt-in.

The Designated Diamond program rewards the most serious affiliates on our team with a well designed plan to earn large commissions and build a profitable organization. As we, as their Sponsors, help them to grow their team and achive their success, we achive success also. We earn if their earn. And to me this is one of the reasons why SFI is so cool, no one that is really serious and have compromise is left behind!

And with this same mentality, is how the last announcement made by SFI this last days, yesterday also, was born. The Opt-in Build. It works closely related with the Designated Diamond program explained before and what it makes, in resume, is that your upline builds your downline for you.

The main goal is to build an organization “5×5” (5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on) This of course, boost our sales and the commissions we get every month.

The Opti-Build can be thought of as a live auto-reassigner of your sign-ups.  When we participate in the program we’ll be automatically and immediately reassigning a minimum of 50% of our personal sign-ups to those who’ve been designated as DDs on your first level and, later, to DDs residing on lower generations in our group.

To build a profitable organization never been more easy. Just imagine, getting signups from your Sponsor, your Sponsor’s Sponsor signups and so on… and then, when you got your 5, you as well help them by giving the same support and help with the signups.

That’s why thousands of SFI Affiliates are so excited, now we have very powerfull tools, and by April the 1st, that will begin to work the Opt-in Build, we will be making our organizations and our commissions grows.

What about you? Are you an SFI Affiliate already? If you are not, click on the banner below or any of the words “SFI Affiliates” and join SFI for free. You will get all the training you need, always for free, and as a member of my team/organization you will also count with my support and both myself as my upline, will help you to build your 5!

Thank you so much for reading this post and see you in SFI!


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