Introducing the ZACKJACK game!

Hello and welcome to this new post on my blog

For today I want to introduce the newest game of the TripleClicks games division EagerZebra that is call ZackJack!

ZackJack is like a BlackJack… with a kick!

In this excinting game, we have three hands of cards and our objective is to make 21, like in the BlackJack, in all of our hands. As you will see in the videos below, every turn, we obtain one card and we have to chose where we will add it, if we want to add it.

If this card is not convenient to us, because for example, it will make our hands to have more than 21, we can burn it and ask another.

This game can be play for free many times a day. After burning two cards, however, the next card you will burn it will cost you one TCredit. Then you will have the option of, or expend that TCredit or end the game and play another for FREE. The fun is guarantee!

If you are not still member of TripleClicks, to play ZackJack, you can register for free as I will show you in the video, just clicking in the banner below. But if you are not register still, I recommend you to see the video first, because at the end of the video I will explain you how you can obtain a gift from myself, value of twelve dollars. Those gifts are limited, so hurry up before you miss it!

Video in English:

Video in Spanish:

If you want to see additional tips and advices to win and the rules of ZackJack, I recommend you to visit this link:

How to play Zackjack + Official Rules

Thank you for reading this post and seeing the video and I do hope that you enjoy playing ZackJack as much as I do!

Have a great day!

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