What is SFI?

SFI stands for Strong Future International. Founded in 1998 it was one of the very best marketing groups that saw the potencial of the Internet for making business and it have been online since then.

By January 2001, SFI had more than a MILLION affiliates. Starting now in its 19th year, SFI have more than 17 million affiliates and the number keeps growing day by day with thousands of signups everyday.

The reason why it is so successful and why so many people join SFI day by day and keeps growing is because SFI have become one of the most solid, secure, easy, fun and profitable ways to earn an extra income online, even if you dedicate enough effort, can become your main source of income.

If you are reading this blog, you probably know already about all the different websites and opportunities that Internet have to offer us. There are a lot of websites, programs, different affiliate programs that offers you to make extra incomes and profits online.

However, when you seek to make money online, many times you will find that many of those websites are not very stable, nor many I know have been active for so long, not to mention that usually those sites required you to invest large amounts of money in order to make money for yourself or keep working with them for years until you start making real profits.

With SFI this never happen. Besides of being online for more than 18 years, what give us confidence on its stability and honestly, it have a huge adventage that have make it so popular amongh millions of people in all this years: is always FREE.

Of course, there is always the posibility of investing, but is always optional and in case that you have joined, or you want to join, you have to know that the only that investing on your SFI business can do is make you earn more profits and faster.

You can join SFI by clicking here

Besides of being always FREE, with no requeriments to invest in order to earn, its huge popularity that make that SFI have Millions of affiliates is because their extense, easy to understand and learn, training. When you join SFI you can find a lot of lessons that teachs you everything you need to get started. Those lessons are well organized and goes and guide you always step by step. This is clear an adventage, because the most you earn, the most easy is for us to make our SFI business profitable and grow.

But completing all this lessons is just the start. SFI is full of resources that will teach you everything you need to be a successful internet entrepreneur. It counts with an extense Internet Income Course that you have available once you join in SFI that helps you to learn exactly how you need to do to make a profitable Online business.

And this is another of the reasons why SFI have grow so much in the last 18 years and why it have become so popular. Everyone can join, no experience is required. The only that you need to have is a computer, or a mobile or a tablet, internet connection and want to build a profitable business. This have made that Millions of people, just like me, or like you if you have joined already or if you are thinking of joining, can make a stable, solid, secure and long time income. That it will be your second income, an extra income or even your main income is really up to you.

I could not write about all the benefits that SFI have for its affiliates without speaking of its shop TripleClicks. With more than 80,000 products, it is one of the most popular and secure ways to buy products online. It have so many products, of so many different classes and tastes, that almost everyone will always find something they like or they need. In many cases, you can find even products that you actually buy in better prize than the ones you buy regulary in your local shops.

In TripleClicks, there is an option that have become very popular and that people just love. I’m talking of the Pricebenders Penny Auctions, that allow us to bid on amd win hot, name brand products for a fraction of their retail price, what is usually more than the 90% off and it have a minimum of savings of 77% off, excluding the cost of the bids, if any. It have FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada and for those of us that don’t live there, there is also an option called exachnge certificate that allow us to reedem that products we won by other similar on price, TC gift certificates or a quantity of TCredits.

The auctions are ongoing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all them starts at one cent. The final bidder becomen the winner of the auction and may, then, buy the item for the price the auction ended or opt to get a exchange certificate like I’ve just explained above.

Be sure of joining the fun today!

Added to all the products that are selling in TripleClicks, the PriceBenders Penny Auctions I just mention, you can find also a lot of funny games. Around 44% of online world population are gamers, and problaby, you have play some game online or even play some actually and it is estimated that over a Billion people worldwide play online games… and who wasn’t play and play usually?

That makes that the SFI division of TripleClicks, EagerZebra, have become also very popular between online gamers. With a very atractive and fun offer, everyone can find a game that they love to play. These games can be played for free and also there are options to buy items relate with those games, what make it a huge potential market for those who are SFI affiliates and a funny and affordable entertaiment for those that just seek to spend time having fun online.

Click here and try the new ZackJack, is FREE!

In resume, SFI is one of the best opportunities online to make extra incomes and to start a very profitable online business:

  • It is always FREE and investments are always OPTIONAL
  • It provides you all the training and knowlegde you need to SUCCEED, no experience is required
  • It is fun and easy. It just need constance and dedication, but its up to you. The more you dedicate to your business, the most succesfull will be.
  • The sources of income that SFI places at your dispossal, SFI affiliate program, TripleClicks store, the PriceBenders and the EagerZebra games, give you a lot of posibilites to explore and make profit.
  • It also count with a great and friendly support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A huge community very helpful and friendly always willing to help you with your doubts
  • Every affiliate that joins counts also with a Sponsor and Co-Sponsor that gives them a personal support and help in case of doubts or questions they might have. Besides, if you join by any of the links or banners placed in this blog, smartprofitswithsfi, you will count with my personal assitance and I will always do my best to help you the better I can.

In this blog, smartprofitswithsfi, also I will be uploading articles with my experience with SFI and in the training section, you will have available videos that will show you how I make profit with SFI.

Thank you so much for visiting this post, I do hope that you have enjoying reading as much as I enjoyed by writing it.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “What is SFI?

    • Hello agutingachristopher, thank you for your comment. You can check the section of my blog called “Team Training”, Watch the videos I have there, in them I explain all the basics. I do hope this helps you, in case that more doubts appear, feel free to make me know and I will do my best to clear you future questions.


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