Welcome to smartprofitswithsfi.com

Friendly greetings and welcome to my website, smartprofitswithsfi.com. My name is Daniel Collar, I’m the owner and creator of this page.

I’ve made this website to share with people all around the world, just like you, about my experience with the SFI program, to which I joined in October of 2016, and that I’ve been working from my home ever since and I could not be more happy with the decision I took back then.

I publish articles regularly, usually once a week, with fresh and first-hand information, both about SFI as about my home-based business experience until the current date with topics I feel interested to speak about. You can read my articles by clicking on the Blog section up on the menu of my page.

My website is also dedicated to teaching other people, like me, both to the members of my team, as well as other SFI Affiliates all around the world, how all we can benefit from all the different features that SFI offers us. For that, I’ve available video training in the sections of “Get Started with SFI” and “Team Training”. In this last section, I use to upload a new video once a week, both with versions in English and Spanish.

Working from home or home-based business is not what you seek? You can also take a look at my Store section, where you will find my personal selection of products of Triple Clicks. Also, if you like to earn rewards with your purchases, you can take a look at the Rewardical section for more information.

You can click on the Contact menu in case that you want to send me any question or doubt related both to my website, SFI or my Store. While I will always answer you as fast as I can, please allow me up to 24 hours to reply you.

In about me page, you will find more information about myself.

If you are not already a member of SFI and you would like to try it and join my team, you can do it for free by clicking on the banner below. Besides a huge, and easy to understand and follow, training you will get my personal support as a member of my team.

Feel free to follow my blog and share it on your social media, if you like. If you do it you will help me a lot keep adding more content.

Thank you again for visiting my blog, I do hope you enjoy the different kinds of content I upload. Have a great day!

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